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Lifetime Warranty

Seller's memory has a lifetime warranty against physical and functional defects. This does not apply to system or software compatibility or for parts ordered and installed improperly by the purchaser. Since this is a self-installed product, liability shall be limited to the refund (for 30 days from date of purchase) or replacement of memory only.

Guarantee of Compatibility

Our Guarantee of Compatibility extends only to information we provide with respect to a specific computer application. It does not extend to information provided by the manufacturer, other sources or the experience of the end user or their technical staff. In the event that information we provide proves to be erroneous, restitution shall be limited to replacement at current market value of the correct part or a refund of the incorrect items and the outbound shipping charges only.

System Revisions

Revisions to your computer that cause memory that was working, to stop working, are not covered under our warranty and return policies. We only guarantee the memory to work under the conditions for which the memory was first sold.
The following customer changes are examples that will void our replacement/return warranty (this list may change without notice); Changing your processor, Changing your motherboard, changing your firmware, updating your BIOS, overclocking, Adding additional memory that is not compatible with our memory, altering the module in any way.