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Compaq ProLiant DL585 Memory

System Memory
Standard Memory: 2 GB (2 x 1GB)
Maximum Memory: 128 GB (32 x 4GB)
Expansion Sockets: 32 Socket
Memory Comments: Memory is installed on 2 to 4 processor memory boards. The processor memory boards have 8 DIMM slots, support DDR266/PC2100 at 266MHz in all 8 slots and DDR333/PC/2700 at 333MHz in 6 slots. DDR333/PC2700 at 333MHz speeds limits DIMMs to 6 per processor memory card and, a -002 processor memory board and a System ROM at a version dated July 26, 2004 (07/26/04) or later are required. Installing more than 6 DDR333/PC2700 DIMMs will cause the memory to run at 266MHz. DDR400/PC3200 memory is supported
System Specifications
These memory upgrades are all guaranteed to work with
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